Stuart Swanson couldn't stay away from Illinois

Stuart Swanson heard there is comedy in Chicago

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How can I find out when and where your next show is?

I always post about it on social media:

Or you can visit my website ... which you are already on.


World Series of Comedy!
Chicago's Top 40
June 7-10 at Zanies in Rosemont, IL

But if you don't want to wait to see me perform my newest material on those shows, then here you can watch some of my stand-up from the past:

If you still aren't sure if you want to go to my show, here are some true stories or random quotes about my shows:

My wife's favorite comedian is someone else.

A critic wrote: "Some comics that I found very funny were Stuart Swanson..."

Another person online said: "I agree that Stuart Swanson was funny..."

Someone else was "impressed" by my stand-up.

A really good comedian once told me to "Keep doing it."

A published critic stated that I am "an inspiration."

A comedy website wrote that I am "exciting."

"My husband keeps laughing about what he said about the birds..."

"It was better than what you see on TV."

"We got some very good laughs from Stuart. We had a good time. I'd like to see him do it again."

"I liked his dry sense of humor."

A fellow comedian recently told me "That was the least response I've ever seen you get. You used to kill it!"

On two different occasions, two audience members walked out while I was still talking.

Sometimes people are laughing really hard during my set, and I can tell it's about something else (not related to my stand-up at all.)

My friends are always telling me that they want to go to one of my shows.

A very funny comedian told me recently that he really likes my delivery.

A different very funny comedian told me at that same show that I am a great writer.

You can really tell that a lot of people are laughing on the inside while I'm telling jokes.

A comic told me that he was "dying" watching me bomb, and I said "Oh good at least it wasn't just me."

Another comic told me "I don't think you had the worst set of the night!"

Some people talk to me before I go on stage, but then afterwards pretend they don't see me as they walk past me.

One audience member told me after a show that "it must be so hard to go up there and do that."

I got 3rd place in a contest that consisted of 3 comedians. How many comedians can say that?

A lot of my friends are really funny.

One time I told somebody they had a good set, but then they said, "Thanks, I like your jacket."

A couple different times, my standup was so bad that audience members started live streaming it.

My wife's favorite comedian is still someone else.

I think that should help you figure out if you want to go to my show or not.

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